ISO – 9001:2015

The management of HIMALAYA TRAVEL, which is active in the organization of travel, events, conferences, seminars, group programs, card issuance, provision of general tourist services (domestic and foreign), states that regarding the policy of our company, we consider that it consists of continuous improving of the quality of our services in order to document their credibility and fully satisfy customer requirements.

Convinced of the need to continuously improve the quality of our services, it is stated that our company is committed to the installation of a Management System at its premises, in accordance with the requirements of ISO 9001: 2015 and for the following principles that constitute our company’s policy:

  • The faithful implementation and continuous improvement of the system, in accordance with the National and Community Legislation and the System Manual. 
  • Keeping up-to-date, monitoring and harmonizing with national and EU legislation in accordance with the instructions of the competent authorities.
  • Meeting customer requirements regarding the quality of the services provided by “HIMALAYA TRAVEL”, dealing with documented procedures, timely and valid complaints or objections.
  • Continuous training of all the company’s personnel, on issues concerning both the effective operation of the Quality Management System and the awareness of the staff on Quality issues.
  • Establishment on a yearly basis of specific, measurable and feasible goals, the realization of which is a commitment to the company and a commitment to the staff.
  • Minimizing risks and protecting workers and the community in which they operate, by adopting safe methods and operating procedures for both normal and emergency operations.
  • Make available the necessary resources to implement the organization’s policy, as well as the objectives and objectives set by the administration and support this policy.

The Administration