Choose HIMALAYA TRAVEL S.A. for the expertise and planning of your conference.

  • Financial planning based on the requirements.
  • Coordination of all travel and conference services.
  • Booking and management of accommodation.
  • Conference venues.
  • Audio-visual equipment.
  • Registration team.
  • Provision of catering services.
  • Construction and updating of conference website.
  • Advertising and promotional services.
  • Annual Conference of the Panhellenic Association of Nursery School Teachers in Cyprus.
  • Annual Conference of the Hellenic Teachers’ Federation in Berlin Germany.
  • Annual Conference of OLME – Federation of Secondary Education Officers in Volos Greece.
  • Annual Conference of European Fleet Chiefs of Naval Fleets in Athens Greece.
  • Training Seminars for Doctors of Children’s Hospitals in Athens and Thessaloniki Greece.
  • Annual World Theological Congress SNTS – Studiorum Novi Testamenti Societas in Athens Greece.
  • ETUCE – European Trade Union Committee for Education Conference in Athens Greece.
  • 26th Scientific Conference of the Greek Teachers’ Federation – Pancyprian Organization of Greek Teachers in Ioannina Greece.
  • XVI OPTIMA Meeting – Agricultural University of Athens in Athens Greece.
  • Annual Conference Fontes Sine Quibus Non Interdisciplinary approaches on Critical Editing, Text Encoding and Text Mining – UoA in Athens Greece.